Considering the use of renewable energy, only a fraction of geothermal energy’s potential is currently being exploited. Parallel to the still significantly expandable applications in near-surface geothermics, medium-depth and deep geothermal energy is only being used in a few reference projects in Germany. This can, among other things, be explained by the acceptance of corresponding technologies and the crucial improvement of the economic efficiency of geothermal installations.

Celle is the leading economic center of the oil and natural gas service industry in Europe. More than 50 companies with roughly 8,500 workers cover the entire value chain in this region. In the processes of development and diversification, many companies in the Region Celle already provide services and solutions in the field of geothermal energy. Thanks to their experiences in the oil and natural gas service industry, they all bring in their competence to geothermal energy projects. The companies possess long-term experiences in the tapping of sub-surface reservoirs and proven know-how in deep drilling technology for professionally planned, secure geothermal energy projects.

The routine in the implementation of economically calculable deep drilling operations and the access to an established network of drilling specialists and service companies are unique factors of success in the field of geothermics.

In doing so, the member companies of GeoEnergy Celle e. V. cover the following areas of competence:

project planning | drilling means | directional drilling technology | drilling tools | flushing | disposal | cementation | piping | data logging | borehole logging | stimulation | wellhead | production tests | borehole pumps

We at GeoEnergy Celle e.V. have set ourselves the target, together with our member companies, other geothermal energy associations, and research institutions, to achieve an improved economic efficiency of geothermal installations in a wide range of projects. At the same time, with our activities, we are aiming to make a contribution for a broader acceptance of the sustainable use of geothermal energy.

The Bundesverband Geothermie, the GeothermieZentrum Bochum e.V., and GeoEnergy Celle e.V. have formed a strategic partnership in order to achieve this goal.


In the following, you will find much important information about the use of near-surface, medium-depth, and deep geothermal energy.