Deep geothermics usually apply to depths of > 400 m. In practice, depths of several thousand meters are possible and necessary, if these projects target the generation of heat and electricity. The generation of electricity presupposes geothermal reservoirs with temperatures higher than 100 ° C.

Companies account for a major part of the total use of deep geothermal energy, as the drilling costs alone amount to several million Euros. The LBEG, for example, estimates the costs for a 3,000 meters deep drilling at about 5-6 million Euros. Furthermore, extensive preliminary investigations before the drilling are necessary to minimize the exploration risk. In addition, after a successful drilling, the connection to a suitable, overground power plant, as well as to heat and electric power networks, must be guaranteed.

The use of deep geothermal energy

The Federal Ministry of the Environment has published a current brochure about Tiefengeothermie BMUthe use of deep geothermal energy in Germany. This brochure explains subject-related connections and offers valuable recommendations for investment decisions. If you are interested in the subject “deep geothermal energy”, please contact the experts of GeoEnergy Celle e.V.  Many companies in the network have already realized geothermal energy projects in Germany. Please contact the branch office in order to speak with domain experts.