Roughly 300,000 installed geothermal energy plants in Germany show the outstanding reliability of the use of geothermal energy. If you are interested in using this environmentally friendly energy, you will find initial information in a publication by the GtV-Bundesverband Geothermie (GtV-BV) called “Erdwärme – Tipps für Hausbesitzer und Bauherren”.

For any further questions and information, please contact the branch office of GeoEnergy Celle e.V. Our experienced experts will gladly answer your questions and provide further information.

Project examples for near-surface geothermics

Near-surface geothermal energy is an in Germany tested and widely used possibility for the heating and cooling of buildings. However, many of those who are considering the use of this environmentally friendly energy source, still have doubts and are unsure about the use of geothermal energy. GeoEnergy Celle e.V. therefore launches an informational campaign with the presentation of various geothermal energy projects. The first examples can be found in the left navigation bar.

Funding opportunities

The Federal Office of Economics and Export Control financially supports efficient heat pumps, which are used for the consumption of geothermal energy.

Funding goes to efficient heat pumps in existing buildings for:

___- - The combined room and water heating of residential buildings
- The room heating of non-residential buildings
- The provision of process heat or heat for heating networks

Basic funding:

______ -- Air-water-heat pumps: 1,300 € for systems of up to 20 kW, 1,600€ for systems of 20 kW to 100 kW
- Water-water- and brine-water-heat pumps: 2,800 € for systems up to 10 kW. In addition, 120 € will be given for any further kW for systems of up to 20 kW and 100 € for any further kW for systems of up to 100 kW.
- The basic funding increases by 500 € for systems with newly built buffer storages (at least 30 l/kW).

Please find further information here.

New features in the market incentive program (MAP)

The market incentive program of the Federal Government supports small geothermal installations. Since August 25, 2014, new subsidy rates may apply.

______ -- Owners of smaller heat pumps (with a nominal heat output of up to 400 kW) receive new minimum subsidy  amounts. Funding applies to systems in existing buildings and increases by 400 €.
- The combination of eligible techniques or especially innovative technologies will be rewarded with additional bonuses. If, for example, a heat pump is being combined with a solar collector (pure hot water supply), a bonus of 500 € is possible.
- Heat pumps in well-insulated buildings receive an efficiency bonus.
- The employment of new buffer storage, combined with a heat pump of a certain minimum size makes an additional bonus of 500 € possible.


Please note that all the information provided here is without guarantee. For any further information about funding, please contact the Federal Ministry for the Environment or the branch office of GeoEnergy Celle e.V.