Potenzial Analyse Grafik

Potential analysis graphic

The geological framework conditions in the administrative district of Celle open up various opportunities for an energy supply from geothermal energy. The new study demonstrates the usage possibilities of near-surface, medium-depth, and deep geothermal energy. By means of created maps, everybody who lives in the administrative district of Celle is able to tell if their properties are located in an area which is suitable for geothermal heat supply. This makes it possible to check whether this environmentally friendly and sustainable energy source can be used for the replanning or sanitation of private, industrial, or public buildings or institutions.

For any further questions please contact the branch office of GeoEnergy Celle e.V. (Tel.: +49 5141 / 20 88 1 88; E-Mail: info@geoenergy-celle).


Download short version of the study

KB0353131 Short version

Attachment geothermal potential maps

01 Drill holes and seismics

02 Re-use potential of old drillings

03 Salt structures

04 Temperatures 500 m

05 Temperatures 800 m

06 Temperatures 1,000 m

07 Temperatures 2,000 m

08 Temperatures 3,000 m

09 Temperatures 4,000 m

10 Temperatures 5,000 m

11 Storage complex Early Trias

12 Storage complex Keuper

13 Storage complex Jurassic

14 Storage complex Cretaceaous 

15 Conditions of use of near-surface geothermal energy

16 Location suitability ground heat collectors

17 Extraction conditions

18 Protected areas